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Assistive Technology

NCKSEC Assistive Technology Mission Statement

The NCKSEC assistive technology team will provide resources and education to staff, students, and parents to aid in selections, implementation and acquisition of assistive technology devices and services in order to increase, improve, and maintain daily functioning.


2022-2023 Assistive Technology Team Members

Nicole Glynn

Jennifer Bowles

Aubrey Hunter

Deb Hanson

Cher Greving

Tina Blew

Shaina Wiens

Julie Rowland     jrowland@ncksec.ent


NCKSEC Assistive Technology Online Referral Form:


NCKSEC Assistive Technology Facebook Group:


NCKSEC Assistive Technology Resource Guide:


NCKSEC Assistive Technology Toolkit:


NCKSEC Assistive Technology Team Consultant Assignments:

Nicole Glynn – Logan, Phillipsburg Middle and High School, Thunderridge, Norton, Northern Valley

Deb Hanson – Phillipsburg Elementary, Smith Center, Stockton and Osborne

Jennifer Bowles – Palco, Natoma, Plainville

Aubrey Hunter – Osborne

Tina Blew and Shaina Wiens – SLP Consultants